Why attend?

Advanced manufacturing, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Startups and more, are constantly being innovated. It is imperative to keep up with the newest trends to maintain one’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. That’s why Innovation Days are must-attend events!

Keynote presentations and panels

Italian and US Panelists from leading universities, associations and industry will bring to you an overview of current issues, outlooks and share insights on current and future stages of growth and collaborative opportunities for you and your organization with leading Italian solution partners.

Connect with peers

Expand existing relationships and build new ones with leading industry, public and private entities, potential partners and research centers from Italy and the US.

Enjoy and take a break with our networking sessions

What’s a conference if you can’t network? Just a series of lectures. But rest assured: at our ID events you’ll be able to network and exchange ideas with leading Italian and USA companies, institutions and research centers who are game-changers in the aerospace, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, renewable energy and startup sectors.

The Agency’s 2020 program entitled “Innovation Days (ID)” is now in its third edition, providing a number of opportunities for US companies and universities to engage with Italian solution providers in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences, renewable energy, and start-ups.