The Innovation Days program launched in June 2018 with a focus on sector-specific initiatives in five strategic areas of the United States and continues into 2021 with on-site visits and meetings.

The United States invests in technology with strategic initiatives such as the US Manufacturing plan, aimed at bringing the U.S. back into a leadership position in the manufacturing sector; therefore, new opportunities are opening up for companies that supply machinery and equipment with high innovation content. The ITA aims to build on these opportunities by supporting the Italian offerings and encouraging the meeting of the actors of this process through the " Innovation Days" program, touching upon important industrial areas of the United States between June 2018 and January 2021.

Innovation Days' events include site visits, speaker panels, and bilateral and group meetings. In this format, the initiative will, therefore, follow up and develop the partnership launched in 2015 with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, with the aim of identifying and disseminating practices and strategies useful for strengthening the competitiveness of the Italian industrial technology offer of new generation machinery on the US market.